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Steel structures, halls

Complete steel structures, halls we produce and 
build up for the industry. The pre roofs through
facades of the car on podium, stairs and railings
through almost everything in the carbon steel,
stainless steel and related
galvanized through
in pens and locksmith shop prefabrication made. Various sheet products CNC laser and plasma cutting
20 mm thick, or bending can take up to deal with
the 16 mm sheet thickness, sheet products

projecting cylinder well.

Agricultural storage

User-friendly building. Production management and 
market: both are feasible in a steel hall. An agricultural machine or feed store? Did gardening
machines or seeds? Buildings from wind and
watertight protection and ensuring a wish to a
building where Vehicles are both fit and
comfortable to stand on and off with them? produced
by the company's steel halls are large and strong,
even large gates or open side walls are made of. A simple garden storage tank, a large farm
buildings, anything we build in a very short period
of time. This is due to the fact that everything
from manufacturing to assembly we performed

             Mechanical insulation

Mechanical seals in industry and Power Engineering.
rock wool pipe shells are mostly high-temperature
industrial valves, steam and district heating
pipes, exhaust channels and chimney pipes and heat

sound-proofing.The self-reinforced aluminum foil
laminated mineral wool pipe shells of industrial
valves, pipes, steam pipes, power lines and chimney
pipes heat and sound insulation is used most.

Decorative Art blacksmith fences

Wrought iron gates, fence: Wrought iron gate and
fence centuries-old history. While in the past the
ornate, artistic beauty of wrought-iron gates just
as castles, mansions entrance could meet, today it
is now available in decorative and powerful
solution for everyone. All the wrought iron gates
and fences after a preliminary site survey, planned
and coordinated manner based on your needs is our
company. Wrought iron railing: staircases, balconies,
verandas, bowers, aesthetic and durable solution
to the wrought-iron railing. Any special request
we undertake wrought iron railing design best. Wrought iron window bars: Unfortunately, public
safety is not the best today. The wrought iron
window bars in addition to reliable protection
prettier and index more than traditional guards.

And Drywall, ceiling mounting

The plasterboard partition compared to conventional
partition structure significantly cheaper, cleaner
and faster, no drying or curing time thus save
time, money saves energy. The best option if you
want to quickly convert existing your room, with
extra space to expand, to share even further. One
good solution to accommodate plumbing and electrical
wiring, fittings and installation of sound and
thermal insulation.

Facade insulation systems

The insulation is a special profession has grown 
and bad experiences of the past years are encouraged
builders that all the work to specialistcompanies,
entrepreneurs prepare to Tessera. An important
principle is to provide quality work can
be done with quality. Some contractors respectively.
material dealers try using poor quality materials
to make their prices competitive. This, however, or
only in the short term, or even not so rewarding!
Before every major construction View one or more
reference work, because a good agent can be carried
out in a bad job

Light house building

Family house, lightweight-construction house for a family is one of the largest investment most of the
preparation, planning, calculation, organization requiring task. The light-family home building, a landmark
in the life of a family that accompanies a long, long years of the family are present in everyday life,
making it more beautiful and better immediate surroundings. The creation of light houses are characterized
by diverse activities, sometimes almost transparent details and challenges, but we are to make this
transparent and simple be.We you the right partner we are in a very diverse task, the dream house,
dream-steel frame buildings implementation of . Professional, corporate and human relations you can
effectively, quickly and in an environmentally responsible and economically viable, not least, the
vision of light houses in the initial planning through to
construction is effectively using today's
technologies and capabilities. Full range of services in the design of light-family houses, credit
administration, interior design, installation of drywall, roofing, roof insulation, constructing the
buildings of architectural and interior design advice and internal execution is included. By now, the
existing activities of cottages, complete renovation of buildings, interior painting, drywall installation
and external thermal insulation, cladding have also expanded, so if there are such needs, this can also
be of help to you. Businesses and light-ho seriousness is reflected in the more than 40 pieces we built
family house. Crossing the boundaries of Hajdu-Bihar County is now in almost every corner of the country
can meet
habitations light. The number of renovated house, flat, external thermal insulation, halls and
office buildings references include complete renovations as well.