halls, agricultural storage, mechanical insulation, drywall, ceiling mounting

Steel structures, halls

structural elements of the steel-framed construction 
method, the
frame pillars the frame and joists made
of steel structures. The structural elements are
completely finished steel structure plant
manufactured and assembled at the construction
site, these screws. The elements surface protection
 (anti-rust paint or zinc, or baked enamel
cover decorating) is made in the workshop, which is
why the construction site is not welded and made no
holes. This requires very high precision, but it is
 not a problem because the plants are well equipped
and prepared
tenth of a millimeter able accuracy.
The accuracy specified test-assembly operation
carried out in the elements monitored

Farmers grain storage

Frame structure without steel supports, steel 
laminated wood, concrete or wood glue is ideal for
storing grain. Hall remains unsupported device at
all times and all functions will be useful flexible,
The price volatility when or grain stocks in
storage is empty hall, of course, also be used for
other purposes, for example. barn, sheds ... On entry into the hall wall also want him to pour
the grain? No problem! All external or internal
partition wall made of a suitable design. From design to final assembly, we offer an
economical solution!

Mechanical insulation

Of course, our services from an emphasis on insulat
ion advice: We take the technology and systems
engineering insulation professional design,
preparation of technical specifications, and
inspection of the finished designs, material
specifications. The plans and specifications shall
include types that meet the specified insulation
system technology, and the technical characteristics
 necessary for insulation thicknesses, the thermal
and fire protection regulations in force
accordingly. In this work we used ENEV (energy einsparungsverordnung) recommendations. If required, and if a given system specification
allows, we prepare a detailed Material Take that
contains the volumes and the addition to the above
described construction. In addition, the plans and
 specifications material items in the announcement
of preparing an itemized budget, which provides a
calculation of the expected material and labor
costs as well. We take a longer insulated wires and mechanical
technology, equipment and insulation monitoring,
investigation of complaints raised.

Decorative Art blacksmith fences

Wrought iron gates, fence: Wrought iron gate and 
fence centuries-old history. While in the past the
ornate, artistic beauty of wrought-iron gates just
as castles, mansions entrance could meet, today it
is now available in decorative and powerful solution
for everyone. All the wrought iron gates and fences
after a preliminary site survey, planned and
coordinated manner based on your needs is our
company. Wrought iron railing: staircases, balconies,
verandas, bowers, aesthetic and durable solution
to the wrought-iron railing. Any special request
we undertake wrought iron railing design best. Wrought iron window bars: Unfortunately, public
safety is not the best today. The wrought iron
window bars in addition to reliable protection
prettier and index more than traditional guards.